A manufacturer of some really useful plastic storage boxes was at the limit of supply from the existing transformers. The electric motors on the injection moulding machines and the metal halide lighting were taking the power factor on the site down to 0.8 meaning that roughly 25% of the available supply was being wasted and paid for by the addition of a reactive power charge on the electricty bill.

After carrying out a comprehensive survey, Power Factor Correction Ltd. installed a bank of suitably sized capacitors and also a new mains breaker to facilitate future expansion and maintenance. The power factor is now in excess of 0.95 totally eliminating the reactive charges and increasing the available power supply by almost 20% thus allowing the client to fit extra machines without obtaining a new transformer. 

The return on investment is less than 18 months.

Irrespective of manufacturer or supplier, power factor correction equipment may offer a challenge to general maintenance staff and contractors who may not be experienced with this type of specialised equipment.

Malfunctioning equipment can manifest a multitude of effects onto the whole system with unexplained electrical failures. 

This equipment is usually vital to a customers operation, we will ensure the correct operation and reliability through a cost effective preventative maintenance scheme that covers all the equipment.